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Q & A
Q - Can Fuel Injector Man calibrate my injectors ?
A - Fuel injectors can not be calibrated ! This is misleading information that some injector service 
       shops  want you to believe they can do. Fuel injectors are manufactured to put out a specific 
       amount  of fuel @ a set pressure. The injectors are tested at the factory to be within 3% of 
       each other, most are within 1%. Servicing them will bring them back to factory specs.

Q - How does Ethanol effect my fuel injectors ? 
A - Ethanol is called " The Marine Killer" 
       Boats have an open fuel system ( it breathes ). The Ethanol will absorb water from the air. 
       The water can cause rust in the injectors. The Ethanol also scrubs your fuel tanks and lines 
       causing filters to plug up. If your filters are not in good shape it could plug the filters in the 
       injectors also. If the Ethanol sits for 3/4 months it will separate and absorb even more water. 

      The best advice is not to use Ethanol.
      But Non-Ethanol fuel is hard to find. Most marinas carry it but its expensive !

      This however is not the end of the world.
       Keep all your fuel filters changed on a regular basis.
      Use a 10 Micron fuel filter before your engines.

      Have your fuel injectors serviced !
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