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Q & A
Q - Can my mechanic determine the condition and performance of my injectors on the engine ? 
A -  It is impossible to do this on the engine. The only way to do this is to remove the injectors 
and test them in fuel injector diagnostic equipment.

Q - If my mechanic informs me that I need new injectors, should I replace them ?
A - They only reason for replacing injectors is if one of them has a bad coil and this is unlikely.

Q - Does onboard fuel injector cleaning work ?
A - No ! Onboard cleaning systems only flush solvents through the injector system. 
This cannot remove the deposits like Ultrasonic cleaning, and it does not replace the filter. 
The injectors are not spray pattern tested and flow tested this way.

Q - If I send my injectors to Fuel Injector Man and one of them has a bad coil, do I have to pay 
for the service on that injector ?
A - No, if there is an injector with a bad coil there is no charge for it.

Q - Does Fuel Injector Man furnish a report for the injector service ? 
A - Yes, we send a Diagnostic Report that shows all our testing, before and after.
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