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Q & A
Q - What is the lifespan of injectors ?
A - Injectors are designed to operate for a minimum of ( 1 Billion Cycles )
 We did the math on this for our typical 60 mile offshore fishing trip.
 Two hours out @ 3500 rpms ---------------> 420,000 cycles
 Four hours idle @ 600 rpms ---------------> 144,000 cycles
 Two hours back @ 3500 rpms ------------> 420,000 cycles
 Total cycles in a 8 hour trip ----------------> 984,000 cycles
 Divided by 8 hours ---------------------------> 123,000 cycles per hour average
 1 Billion divided by 123,000 cycles  ------> 8,130.00 Hours of operation !
Your injectors will outlast your engines !

Q - Do injectors have filters ?
A -  Yes, all fuel injectors have filters that can be and should be replaced.
Q - Do injectors have any kind of tolerances ?
A - Yes,  the injectors have a tolerance of 1 Micron, the finest tolerance of any mechanical
component on the engine. Fuel manufactures claim there latest generation of fuel additives 
are designed to prolong the life of your engine by coating the metallic parts of the engine
and reduce wear. These additives also coat the internal components of the fuel injector,
restricting the fuel flow.
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